Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revels in Rhyme


Toe steps strut on stage
Or show horse trots:
Sure sharp a signage
of grace in beholden catch

In the Tropics

The sun here bakes us brown
whose blaze may bald our crown

A Scent Remembered

From nowhere it brings you here,
the past that brooks no future.

What was it that  we lost, my dear?
What bond, what magic, what allure?

Whose words these are

I think I know -- even as
his poems come and go:
it's that voice no other has
it's that soul that seeks me so


  1. I think all three are excellent, but "Whose Words are These?" I like the best. You can usually tell a poet by their unique voice.

  2. Thanks,Rose :-)
    Your voice is a delight!